Baby Quiches ~ $1.50 each

Made with a choice of spinach and mozzarella cheese or a bacon and cheddar.

Cheese Tray ~ (call for price)

Designed for your needs.  Choose from sliced, cubed or spreadable cheeses. 

Chicken K-Bobs ~ $2.25 each

Bite size chicken breast and vegetables marinated in our special soaking sauce and grilled.

Egg Rolls ~ $ 1.00 each

A mini version of the traditional chinese treat.

Fruit Tray ~ (call for price)

A colorful tray of fresh seasonal fruit.  Great for breakfast as a dessert or an appetizer. 

Guacamole Dip ~ $25.00 each

Made from fresh avacodos, served in a large bread bowl with tortilla chips. 

Mexican Caviar ~ small $25.00, large $45.00

A mixture of olives, chilies, tomatoes, scallions and fresh seasonings.  Served in a bread bowl with tortilla chips. 

Mini Pizza ~ $1.00 each

Squares of bread topped with vegetables, meat and cheese.

Pesto Torta ~ small $25.00, large $45.00

Cream cheese and fresh pesto sauce layered together to make a beautiful dip. 

Salmon Dip ~ $45.00 each

Served in a fresh bread bowl.

Sandwich Tray ~ $3.50 each

A variety of little croissants, mini clubs and other finger sandwiches.

Spinach Dip ~ small $25.00, large $45.00

A spinach and cheese mixture served in a bread bowl with pita chips.

Stuffed Mushrooms ~ $1.00 each

Choose from a herb or a seafood stuffed mushroom cap.

Tortilla Crisps ~ $1.00 each

Large baked tortilla triangles topped with pepperoni, cheeses and vegetables.

Vegetable Tray ~ (call for price)

All fresh vegetables served with our famous dill dip. 

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